The Latvian biomass association „LATbio” was established on the 25th of February in year 2008 as a nonprofit organization. In this period of time in local scale we have got into contact with serious research authorities like Latvian forestry science institute “SILAVA” and “Forest and wood product research and development institute” to get to concrete data body which we can use to turn to government as well as to inform media.

We have popularized the idea of the activation of bioenergy to local manufacturers as well informed mass media.

The main aims of the association are:

  1. To popularize usage of local renewable energy recourses in energy production, to achieve higher economical and energetical independence of Latvia;
  2. To spread in public space objective information about availability of local renewable energy sources and usage aspects;
  3. To promote development of scientific works in direction renewable energy and research of optimal harvest technologies.

We have participated in many conferences and forums popularizing the idea of the usage of biofuel.In these events we have appeared with Latvian power-generating wood biomass resource research results image.

Because we think that it is very important to take a note in the experience of others than to “build a bicycle again”, we have become members of European bioenergy association AEBIOM which gives us the opportunity not only to keep up with the current information about neighbors achievements, changes in the regulations of the EU connected with bioenergy, but also to participate in regular exchange of experience.

The main tasks of the association are:

  • To associate all Latvian renewable energy source producers and traders, and keep close cooperation with heat and electricity producers;
  • To take part in development of Latvian energy strategy, where the main accent should be put on priority of usage of local renewable recourses;
  • To develop in cooperation with forest research institute “Silava” and Latvian agricultural university scientists plan for research of new renewable energy source harvesting methods and  to bring them in real;
  • To perform educational work for local communities about availability of local renewable energy recourses;
  • To help the interested local communities to find investor for building heating and cogeneration plants.