AEBIOM Statistical Report 2015


Table of Contents

Key issues addressed
  • Overview of the European energy system and the status of renewables and bioenergy;
  • Analysis of the feedstock situation: agriculture, forestry and waste;
  • Status on the use of biomass for heat, electricity and transport;
  • Original information on 4.000 bioenergy plants using wood chips in Europe;
  • Current status of progress towards 2020 targets: review of the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs);
  • Bioenergy socio-economic indicators;
  • Comprehensive analysis of EU national support schemes for bioenergy;
  • Original statistics from the main actors from the pellet sector;
  • ENplus Certification statistics.

For the first time, in 2015 the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) has produced a summary version of the full report, the ‘Key Findings‘ one (25+ pages) summing up the most important 2015 figures on the latest developments of the bioenergy sector – so that a brief but global overview can be provided to a wider audience.

Download the Key Findings here