Goal of the Latvian biomass association LATbio is to promote the production of biomass use in the energy sector as well as lobbying and representation of biomass producers in all responsible institutions.

LATbio members are companies operating in the field of biomass – pellets, heat generation, cogeneration, wood chips, wood and manufacture of all types of industry related equipment.

No less important members are forest owners. As well as to be able to justify and explain correctly the importance of biomass LATbio has members of the scientific and educational organizations and institutions

In order to promote the use of biomass we invite to join those who are interested in the future and development of the biomass sector. This can be done by filling in a questionnaire in the section “How to become a member?”

How to become a member?

To become a member of Latvian biomass association LATbio you need to fill in the prepared form. After you have filled in and sent the form, the board of Latvian biomass association LATbio will contact you and inform you about further actions.

The affiliation procedure is performed according to the articles of association of Latvian biomass association LATbio.

If you have any questions, write Didzis Palejs to the e-mail or call +371 29929922.