First meeting of the new EPC board

EPC board meeting

New Board of EPC holds its first board meeting after Verona elections in London in Embassy of Latvia.

Main topics:

  • action plan for wood pellet consumption;
  • actual topics of ENplus;
  • 16.05.11-12 (Brussels) Medium scale pellet market workshop & Pellet WG meeting.

EPC – new board elected


On Monday, February 22nd, in Verona, Italy during the biomass days (Progetto Fuoco), the European Pellet Council (EPC) held its first Board of Directors’ elections. As a result Eric Vial, Director of Propellet France, was appointed as EPC’s new President, but in Vice-president’s position was elected Didzis Palejs – Chairman of LATbio’s Board and Vice-President of AEBIOM. The EPC new Board was completed with three special Directors: Christian Rakos from ProPellets Austria, Annalisa Paniz from AIEL and Gordon Murray from WPAC. Full press release can be found HERE.

Latvia – a new pellet powerhouse

In October 2015 during meeting of the European Pellet Council, which was held in Latvia, several participants visited pellet plant owned by SBE Latvia Ltd. and two wood pellet storage and loading facilities at the Port of Riga and the Port of Mērsrags. Executive Director of Wood Pellet Association of Canada Gordon Murray was one of them and later his impressions about Latvian wood pellet industry were published on the Wood Pellet Association of Canada web site, where he named Latvia as the “new pellet powerhouse”. To read the full article, please, press here…